Yesterday began my journey of healthy eating and a workout routine to change my body.  Before I went I had chicken, cucumbers and toast since I was out of eggs.  I got to class and was pleasantly surprised by the range in ages. Men and women from 20’s-50’s.  I was pretty shy at first (even though once you get to know me, I’m not) and just hung around and tried to blend in.

My classmates began to catch on that I was the latest victim to Zone 360 and told me all their horror stories of their first day.  That’s when I began to get really excited, NOT!  One lady told me she almost threw up in her car after class and the other told me it was painful to sit down…on the toilet.  I thought, psshh, “I got this”.

Class started up with a warm up of light running, then side-to-side things and then running backward.  Then we got into the stations…ahem, the stations of death!  At first I thought it would be fun; circuit training stuff to keep me interested!  It started off pretty good and got halfway through when I approached what I lovingly call “shitty balls” in which we crouch down, then throw a medicine ball up against the wall and catch.  I thought I might meet my maker at this point because lightheadedness kicked in and I turned to the instructor and said, “I don’t feel right”.  He quickly sat me down and got me a electrolyte elixir to get me hydrated.  I rested for 10 minutes while the other continued the stations of death and got right back in!

I didn’t want to let myself down or give up so I kicked my butt back into gear and finished all the stations to the best of my ability.  I admit, I felt slightly lightheaded again, and sat down but I accomplished a lot in my first day.  After the cool down I met with the instructor and discussed food.  Ah, food, my favorite subject!

I love to eat (and it shows)!  I need to change my eating habits because it’s 80% of the puzzle is what you eat while fitness is 20%.  I need to eat 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight and normally I eat enough for a newborn baby.  Getting as much protein as I can is the goal and it will help me feel full.  A gallon of water and no carbs after 4pm are also important.

After leaving the gym, I thought I was going to puke (yup, the woman was right!).  I quickly got some food and felt better almost immediately.  Today I was very sore when I woke up at 6am to go to the bathroom.  I sat down in pain and thought, “how the hell am I going to get back up?”  I am still sore and looking forward to getting back to class tomorrow.

Updates coming on the flip side.  (Prayers are welcomed)

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