I started my second Zone 360 class on Monday and was very nervous about what to expect.  I was sitting in my car psyching myself out when I read my friend’s messages of encouragement on Facebook.  I am so lucky to have people to motivate me even though this has been a goal for myself.  We all have moments of weakness whether it’s a slice of cake, a bad ex-boyfriend or not getting your butt in the gym.  Having people cheer me on really makes a big impact and I hope one day to return the favor.

I wish I had a friend to do this with me but I also feel the strangers in my class and instructors are my friends.  They push me to push myself and are there for me with questions.

I’m happy to report that I completed Day 2 without feeling sick.  What was different?  I did everything at my own pace and didn’t try to prove that I can be a body builder.  I can do it, at any pace I can.  It doesn’t matter how many reps you did or didn’t do but if you feel you pushed yourself enough.  I know I did and took rests when necessary and I got through it.

Last night I was a slave to the stove to prepare my meals for the week.  Like I said earlier, your diet is super important to this process.  If I’m working so hard to get through these classes and I screw up my diet, I won’t see results!  It’s that simple!  I try to prepare as much as I can for dinners because I’m so hungry after class I may drive my car to McDonald’s instead of a protein heavy meal.

I also work a full time job and need to get my meals for the next day organized.  It’s a lot of preparation but I feel good except for the soreness which I’m told will go away eventually.  I’ve been hobbling around work today like an old lady but I know it’s working!

In the last few days, I’ve already dropped 2 pounds.  Some will say it’s not about pounds, but if you’re on the Biggest Loser it can mean the difference between $0 and $250,000!  (Did you all see the finale last night?!)

I have another class tonight and texted my instructor to find out the type of class I can expect because I can barely walk.  I got back “it’s a surprise.”  And my response was, “ice cream sundaes?”  To my dismay, it is not but I’ll be sure to update you on the flip side.

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Yes!

  1. Support is crucial – that’s why it meant so much to me when you girls braved the torrential downpour when I ran my first half! Proud of you, for doing it for yourself! x

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