liz 3.21.13

Yesterday was a very hard day for me mentally and physically at boot camp in Ocean NJ. I felt defeated by the pain in my body, the exhaustion and the food. I received a lot of feedback, tips, and quotes. I appreciate it all!

Someone told me that the diet I am following is like a light switch to my body. On Saturday I flipped it on and went full force. While it is important to follow a healthy diet I also cannot put my body in this type of shock or I may give up. At first I thought, but this is what I was told to do. But in reality, I have to do what’s right for me and my body.

I had planned a turkey sausage with green peppers and onions lunch but it’s been days since I’ve enjoyed a sandwich and I craved that full feeling. So, I took my fat butt over to Panera and ordered the “You Pick Two”. I got the French onion soup and 1/2 smoked turkey sandwich, dry. After consuming this decadent lunch (decadent compared to what I have been eating) I instantly felt better. I felt more focused and my energy increased. I was ready to get back into class.

My boot camp in Monmouth County class went great last night.  Was it hard?  You bet, but I finished 2nd in one of the circuits which, to me, is pretty awesome.  It is definitely not a race but I’ve already seen improvement since my first day.  I’ve also found that I’m better at some workouts vs. others.  While I’m working out time does seem to slow down but when I’m done I feel like I just got there.

Like I said before, I’m having my good days and my bad days but the good are more often.  Now if I could only get out of bed in the morning more quickly!  I’m taking 2 days off from the class but plan on doing the elliptical atleast 1 day.  Til then, I’ll update you on the flip side.

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