I Love Burpees!

I realized recently that i haven’t been very informative about what my workout regiment is and let you know!  I’ve been talking a lot about Zone 360 in but what is it!?  The best description is like a boot camp.  Zone 360 has been designed to target every muscle in your body through interval training, strength training, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance and balance (atleast that’s what the website says!).

What does that mean exactly?  Each night we focus on a different part of the body.  For instance, Monday night was more of a core workout but it also incorporated legs.  We did stations for 30 seconds and you can go at your own pace.  First I had to do squats while moving a thick rope up and down like waves.  Next I had to pick up a 10lb medicine ball up in the air and throw on the floor then squat and pick up 3 times.  Then I had to put the ball on the ground and tap it with my toes 5 times.  Next were bear crawls (imagine walking on your hands and toes with you ass up in the air) for 50 meters then frog jumps back 50 meters.

Next station was a step with weights; the step was approximately 1.5 feet in height.  Then burpees with a bosu and lastly taking a 30lb bar, pressing it against your chest then clearing it over your head, resting on your shoulders and squat.  We completed three rounds of this in 30 second increments.  It was great!

The best part of these classes is they are different every time.  It keeps me interested and definitely the heart rate up.  If you are tired of your usual workouts on a treadmill or are looking to mix it up, I highly recommend classes at Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County or a gym that offers boot camp near you!

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