I’ve asked my Facebook friends to suggest what they want me to write about.  Caitlin wants to know what I do when in social situations such dining out, drinking socially and even home partys.  This is a big opportunity for anyone to f*ck up but if you are mentally committed to your goals it isn’t so hard.

Date Night

I’m dining out on a date or with friends, what do I order?  

Watching what you eat is a HUGE part of being healthy.  Even though the diet I am following is very specific with a lot of protein and very little carbs it can be difficult to eat out.  You need to keep in mind what you need to eat and what you don’t.  A great tip I received from my friend Stacey is to focus on the protein and build around that.  So for example, you order chicken or fish (not friend of course!) and if it comes with a veggie and potato then ask for double veggies in place of the potato.  Or only eat a little of the potato.  If you are out for Italian where it’s hard to avoid pasta, most restaurants offer whole wheat pasta.  This doesn’t mean you can have whole wheat Fettucini Alfredo so get that out of your head!!  (Let’s be real, good Italian alfredo is amazeballs but so not worth the calories after busting your butt in workouts.)


I’m going out drinking with my friends, can I drink?

This subject couldn’t be more perfect for me at the moment since I’m going to Atlantic City tonight with about 20 people!  Yes, you can drink but if you drink often then you have a bigger problem than watching your calories.  Last Friday night I gave in and had a glass of red wine.  Typically I could drink 1-2 glasses with a meal but about three sips in it went right to my head.  This is good because it means I don’t need to drink a lot.  Stay away from mixers (cranberry juice, orange juice and sour mixes) because they are high in calories and sugar.  The SkinnyGirl lines of cocktails, vodkas and wines are a great alternative or just have vodka and club with lime.


What do I do at family gatherings where I don’t have options?

I don’t know about your social gatherings but everyone always brings something such as appetizers, wine and dessert.  If you know there won’t be anything healthy for you to eat, why not bring it with you and share with everyone?  This way you know how it’s made.  There are great ideas on Pinterest that you can find if you need suggestions.

It’s important to follow a healthy diet but it doesn’t mean giving up all the delicious things you love.  You can have what you want but in small amounts.  I already know that I’ll be partying in AC tonight, having a family dinner tomorrow, dinner with friends on Saturday night and Easter brunch so I need to make sure I stick to my diet in between and make smart choices in those situations.

(Taking a few days off from the blog…Happy Easter to all!)

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