My worst enemy is the scale.  Since I’m all about metrics and results (especially since I work with Google Analytics) this is my only way to measure!

I could never imagine being on The Biggest Loser and hopping on that giant scale in front of my trainers, teammates, competitors and the whole world!!  It’s bad enough I have to do it alone!

I did my morning ritual yesterday by weighing myself and I went up 4 pounds!  What?!? How is that even possible?  I lost 9 then back up 4?  I’ve been eating Ezekiel bread which tastest like cardboard, egg whites, grilled chicken, turkey sausage, more grilled chicken and water.  Not to mention working out 4 days a week where I almost want to barf.

My friends tell me I lost water weight the first week and I’m balancing out or I’ve gained muscle.  I think my friends are trying to be nice.  Bless their hearts but maybe I need some tough love.


3 thoughts on “Gained!?!

  1. Hey liz, It is a common thing to “gain” weight under new exercise regimes. Either its just water weight or you are gaining lean muscle. This muscle gain is good for continuing your progress, because it will not only make you stronger, but will boost your metabolism and quicken weight loss! So, this is actually a really good thing! Keep up the Good work! Also, maybe your scale is playing an april fools joke on you!! XOXO

  2. While I understand an obsession with metrics and results it is important to know that women tend to fluctuate with weight due to hormonal changes & water retention. This is why women especially should not be overly focused on the scale when starting a program unless it is also measuring body fat %. Your best measurement of progress would be using a tape measure to see where inches are lost. People who tend to focus on the scale too much and use that as a measurement of success often get discouraged when they run into what they believe are obstacles. However, if you are checking body fat% or inches and are working as hard as you are you will be much more encouraged at your progress.

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