food dreams

I get a lot of questions about food. What do you eat everyday?  What do you eat when you’re out?

It took everything in me not to drive to the Windmill and get a hot dog and cheese fries yesterday.  I wanted it so bad and I felt so pathetic.  I have been very focused on the gym and eating right but now my body is yelling at me to go through the drive-thru and eat things I can’t have.  I was starving trying to figure out how to nourish my body without giving in to what it wants: CARBS!

I feel like have have balloons of food hanging over my head haunting me: pizza, pasta, cheese fries, Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

I really don’t have the answers to everything but I do talk to my friends who are knowledgable on this subject as well as my trainer.  I get a lot of information but it doesn’t always work for me and what I’m comfortable with.  Coconut flour? Peanut butter homemade right in Wegmans?

I like, no, I love food!  Will I ever eat anything I enjoy again?

5 thoughts on “Food: Take 2

  1. Oh you will eat you favorite things again, just on your cheat days! If you don’t have a cheat day or don’t want one just think about those abs you will be flaunting soon; or you can find healthy alternatives to your favorite recipes, but be careful with those as-well. I once ate a whole raw key lime cream cheese pie, just to realize it was 1000 calories a slice.. That diet was pointless 🙂

  2. I would dedicate some time and money to the cookbook section at your closest bookstore. Sit down with a stack and go through the recipes to determine what fits with your likes, skills, and goals. Many also have a “staples list” that will help you stock your kitchen for day-to-day use.
    I’m not sure exactly what you’re dietary goals/restrictions are, but I know many people who like the “Hungry Girl” cookbooks.

  3. My experience has been when you eat healthier over time you’ll crave healthier. I would imagine you are at the toughest time right now with food and it will get easier!

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