Today was Week 4 Day 1 and I can’t believe I got through it all.  I completed 2 rounds of about 7 stations varying in pushing the sled then 5 burpees, squats with bicep curls, skaters on the TRX, slamming the medicine ball, rowing, pushups on the bosu, and another medicine ball workout.

Then we got into teams of 2 and had to do 20 sit ups while our teammate holds our feet down and we touch their shoulders.  Then my teammate, Jackie, had to run 20 meters with a medicine ball above her head and we switched for 5 rounds.  It was hard as hell but we completed it…2nd to last but dammit we did it!

At the end of class my coach, Melissa, gave me a t-shirt because I was near completion of a month being there.  I was pretty shocked and proud at the same time.  One of my classmaters who I haven’t met yet asked if I was the girl with the blog.  Wow!!  That means so much to me!

I need to give a HUGE shout out to my friend Stacey for getting me into the gym and my awesome coaches Melissa and Eddie at Ultimate Fit Zone.  They push me every time and cheer me on to do better.  Special mention to Nikki who is a big inspiration as well as my classmates who cheer me on!

Thanks for all my friends and family that read my blog and encourage me as well.  Thanks to Chelsea M. for reminding me that I AM a rockstar!

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