5 Hour Energy

On Monday night I had my Zone 360 class at Ultimate Fit Zone.  On my way I popped into 7-11 and bought a 5 Hour Energy drink to help me push through the class.  I’ve heard of people doing a shot of espresso before working out but thought that would irritate my stomach and figured the 5 Hour Energy would perk me up even longer.

Class started out really great and I was busting through the warm up of jumping jacks, squats, mountain climbers and burpees.  Feelin’ good!

Then I took a look at the board which details out what our circuit is for the night and boy was I scared!  30 hollow rocks followed by 5 push ups, bear crawl 5 yards, 10 push ups, bear crawl 5 yards, 15 push ups, bear crawl 5 yards and then 20 push ups.  Then we followed up with 40 arm things with weights (lateral raises and something else where you raise the weights above your head) and then you started over again with 30 hollow rocks and so forth.

I can confirm with confidence that I have zero upper body strength.  My face was mostly planted on the turf during push ups and I recall considering running into traffic on Route 35.  Needless to say, I was dead last in the group.

Then “dessert” came and we had to do 1 wall ball and 1 burpee.  Then wait until it hits the minute and do 2 wall balls and 2 burpees until we got to 5 minutes and we did 5 wall balls and 10 burpees!  That part wasn’t so bad because wall balls mostly focuses on your legs unless your arms give out and then the medicine ball pummels you in the head which is awesome!

I definitely think the 5 Hour Energy helped me get my energy going strong throughout the workout and beyond.  Usually I hit a wall 2 hours after class but I was cooking, cleaning and up late.  I would do it again!  Have you tried something prior to working out to keep you moving?



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