Stay Classy

I have been sore for a few days after Monday’s workout.  My abs (yes, I have abs under that flab) kill when I laugh which I do often.  Yesterday at work my friend Mel was reciting lines from Anchorman, “I love lamp”.

This of course cracked me up which didn’t help….at all.  But that means I worked a part of my body that doesn’t get much attention.  Same with my arms.   Monday’s killer work out left my arms sore but it is a good pain.

Last night was a tough workout but I did get through it.  First we started our warm up by running around the shopping center…I was last one back.  SHOCKER!  Then we moved into our circuit using my favorite toy….balls!  We did 20 mountain climbers, ran 20 yards, 20 jack press with the ball, run 20 yards, 20 ball slams, run 20 yards, 20 hammer extensions with the ball, run 20 yards, 20 other things and then run 20 yards again and REPEAT!  I was the last to finish…SHOCKER again!

Something really amazing happened though.  My coach, Nikki, and my classmate, Kelli, joined me on the last round.  I love these girls!  I hope to one day return the favor.

After I finished I laid on the floor hoping no one would notice.  Haha.  I couldn’t be more wrong because our cool down was running around the shopping center again.  My version of running was more walking but I did it.  Whatever, I try my best.  When I got back everyone was clapping for me and I felt like a total dork but also so proud to be working out next to these awesome people that cheer me on.

I did stop at 7-11 prior to working out and guzzled the 5 Hour Energy pink lemonade.  About 3 hours later I was curled up in a ball on my couch fast asleep.  My whole body ached and I needed the rest.

But, in honor of Thirsty Thursday, this is my favorite quote from Anchorman:


Stay class San Diego!

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