This past weekend I was invited to attend the season 2 premier of The Grape Dutches of York, a sketch comedy group out of Astoria.  They produce off-centered video shorts that remind you that our culture is pretty whack.  Their videos have been nominated at several film festivals around the county including The Internot Film Festival in NYC and the Winter Film Awards 48 Hour Film Fest where they won Best Screenplay.  Not to mention, my brother is one of the actors!

Before the premier I met up with my friend Hottie who lives in the big city doing a big girl job in like finance or something.  When I arrived at Penn we quickly ran over to Stout where the AC was flowing and so were the cute guys!

hottie liz

We got a traditional dinner at a pub of fish and chips.  She sipped on Hoegaarden and I only ordered what was right to go with fish and chips…Red Stripe!

Then we made our way over to the bar for more drinks and a friendly bartender.  I asked him to make us a shot but nothing straight.  I’m a girl after all…don’t want to grow hair on my chest.  So he said he WOULD make us something straight but not to smell it and just do it as Nike says.  We got the shot and down the hatch.  Nasty…it was blueberry Stoli.

Afterward we made our way towards Galway Pub I actually never told my brother I was coming and surprised when I got there.  I was so happy to be there to support him and what he loves to do.  He introduced me to the whole crew.  They are amazing people who are as passionate as he is and love him too.


The Grape Dutches premiered two of their videos; one was about finding Waldo and the other about a muppet in porn.  Both pretty funny if you ask me.  You can check out their stuff on their YouTube channel:

After the premier my brother, his girlfriend (my gracious host) and I cabbed it to Astoria where they live.  We ended up at this cool rustic bar called Sweet Afton where they are famous for fried pickles and the pickle back shot.  Never heard of it?  Me either.  It is a shot of whiskey with a shot of pickle juice.  Sounds very weird but I promise it’s good!

kevin liz

Afterward we hit a late night taco truck and called it a night.

I’m very happy that I went to support my brother.  He may not know it because we often bump heads but he’s the coolest. J

kevin dana

Thanks to my awesome host, Dana!

2 thoughts on “Irish Girl In The City

  1. Best explanation I’ve ever seen! “my friend Hottie who lives in the big city doing a big girl job in like finance or something”.

    So fun 🙂 x

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