I think I may have committed a crime, but I have gained inspiration for this blog from said crime.  Last week I was at the doctor’s office and picked up the latest issue of Vogue while I was waiting.  One of my favorite actresses was on the cover, Claire Danes, to talk about her role in Homeland.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to read the article so I took it with me.

claire danes vogue

I read the article over the weekend and one thing stuck out for me.  When Claire read the script for Homeland she said it was so good that she was scared of it which meant that she had to do it.  The writer goes on to say, “I wondered, listening to her, how many people would equate fear with opportunity.”  BINGO!

I have written before about challenging my fears and this just makes it more relevant!  How often do we go out of our comfort zone, do something that scares us and what was the outcome?

For Claire, she took this amazing part as a female leader in the CIA, influenced our culture to a point that more applications to the CIA are taking place, and won two Golden Globes, an Emmy and a SAG award.

For me, I decided to make a life change, created a blog, started practicing yoga, began running and so far have completed two 5Ks.  The outcome hasn’t been easy.  There is pain, tears and fear but I have gained so much more.  I hope I have influenced people to make a positive change in their life; I have pushed myself to learn how much I can handle; I have gained confidence and feel more alive.

It’s not just about working out and eating right.  There are so many things that we don’t do because of fear.  For example, starting your own business, leaving a bad relationship, starting a new job, etc.

What fears are holding you back from your life?

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