Last weekend I had a date that I felt went pretty well.  I’m going to leave the details to myself because turns out I’m friends with his brother (HI JOE!!!) but I will say there weren’t fireworks.  Then I figured you only get so much out of one date and was open to another.

The next morning he texted me saying he had a good time and then we spoke on Tuesday.  I thought the conversation went fine and at the end he asked me to get together again.  I said I was available on Thursday and he would be in touch to confirm details.  Great!  I don’t have to plan anything!

Thursday came and I was in a client meeting all day and didn’t hear anything. Maybe he was waiting until after 5 to follow up!  Then it was 5:30 and then 6….

I then made other plans and went out with friends.  My friend suggested I text him to see what was up.  So I did and just asked if all was ok and if he had a change of heart that it was ok.   He responded shortly after saying that he should have cancelled and he didn’t feel that we had a connection but that I was the most normal girl he’d met online.  SIGH.  On to the next one!

He was very much a gentleman and we had good conversation.  While I’m apprehensive to get into a relationship myself (fearing the unknown) I think we should give people another chance.

How do you know if you have a connection or not after one date?

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