In the last month I have completed three 5K’s, run four times per week and have a social life outside of work and running.  Summer at the Jersey shore can be exhausting with people going out all the time.  I’m not complaining but I think it finally caught up with me.

I took six days off from running after my last week’s 5K.  I really needed to just not be anywhere!  I didn’t want to get up early in the morning and I didn’t want to leave the house after work.  I just wanted to veg out and hang with my dog.

This break came at a price.  I felt like crap!  I’m not sure if it was the exhaustion or feeling crappy because I wasn’t doing anything.  Either way, I was back to running this morning and things have turned around.

So, what’s with the highs and lows? 

Early in the week I got some pretty bad news that my family is facing another challenge (out of respect for my family, I won’t divulge).  I immediately sank and thoughts of family tragedies started to fill my head.  Does God really only give us what we can handle because frankly, we’re tired.

Luckily, I have some pretty great friends that I can talk to.  They offer words to try and look at the positive.  And some, take me out on motorcycles!


This was my high for the week.  I’ve never felt more alive and appreciative of all that I have.  This kicked my butt back into gear.  I admit, I might have a new addiction 🙂

My final thought:  We all face challenges throughout our lives but how we handle them reveals our character.

One thought on “A Week of Highs and Lows

  1. Interesting thoughts on God giving us only what we can handle. I don’t think God makes the bad stuff happen- I think it just does. I don’t want to believe in a God who would have people suffer. Do I think God can be a comfort in times of hardship and feels our pain..sure, but I certainly hope he isn’t causing it!

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