the biggest loser

Tonight the 15th season of The Biggest Loser premiered and I was very excited to watch for motivation, tips and to see what workouts they do.  If you are ready to make a change in your life for your health I strongly urge you to watch.

These severely overweight and unhappy people have all kinds of stories to tell like a husband who watched his wife take her last breath after suffering from brain cancer.  He now is the mother and father to their two teenage daughters.  And, a woman who was a nationally recognized swimmer who gained weight.   She is so embarrassed by her body that she doesn’t want to see her family in fear of being looked down on.

I was one of these people.  For years I was unhappy with myself.  I had gotten to a point that I wouldn’t go out with my friends because of how I looked and how terrible I felt about myself.  I couldn’t stop the noise in my head about how I shouldn’t have eaten this or I should go to the gym, but maybe tomorrow.

It’s a vicious cycle that never changed until I decided to make the change.

I know these people are working out SEVERAL hours a day under the constant care of personal trainers which is completely unrealistic unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow and don’t work a 9 to 5 job.  The biggest challenge for these contestants is going back into the real world.  For example, being invited to happy hour after work.  How can anyone resist beer and wings??  How can anyone resist being social?

So, how does the average person like you and I make these changes to our lives?

Find a workout that works for you!  

I was lucky enough to join the Ultimate Fit Zone family back in March.  I worked my ass off to the point of almost vomiting but I never felt better (similar workouts seen on The Biggest Loser).

Everything you put in your mouth affects your health!  

Fitness is 20% and diet is 80% of your weight loss.  Eat loads of protein and veggies.  Eat some healthy carbs and fruits.  Drink water.  That’s it.

By following this not only was I doing something good for my health, I also gained an incredible amount of confidence.  I learned how much I can physically and mentally accomplish.   I have carried this with me ever day.

One big thing I learned is when you reach that point when you think you cannot go on, push yourself harder.  Your body can do way more than you think.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is dedication to your health.  There is not one day that has been easy for me but it has been way worth the struggle.  What’s stopping you from making that positive change to your life?




3 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser

    1. The #1 protein in my diet was chicken. For breakfast I would have 1 whole egg scrambled with 3 egg whites and spinach. Lunch would be a big salad with low calorie dressing and grilled chicken. Meal before workout was 1/2 sweet potato and more grilled chicken. For dinner I made turkey sausage with peppers, onions and quinoa. You can always switch out chicken with another protein like natural turkey or fish. Yogurt, eggs (sometimes I’d buy pre-hardboiled and put them in my salad) yogurt and peanut butter are great snack items.

      Also, proteins help you stay full longer whereas simple carbs will spike and drop and leave you looking for more. IF you’re hungry after dinner eat protein either by the protein foods listed above OR making a protein shake. You can find a protein powder in your supermarket or GNC to mix with water or soy/almond milk.

      Here are a couple of articles regarding foods high in protein:

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