Online dating is such a weird concept.  It’s equivelent to a catalog you can flip through on a Sunday morning without having to get dressed and look your best.  With that said, I often wonder how serious people are.  Are you just window shopping or here to buy?  I am in the buying stage with not much on the rack.

After a few dates of disappointment I take a break and then I take a dip in the pool again.  But alas, I am left scratching my head.  Some guys look like they just got out of jail or they’re super hot and I’m like, “you’re too pretty for me to date”.  Then I come across guys who I am confused about.

For example, this one guy didn’t post his pic because he’s a lawyer and doesn’t want his clients to see him.  Um, if you’re client is on there doesn’t that make them equal to you but ok, fair enough.  So he shared his pic on a dummy email I set up for my own peace of mind.  Next we shared what we were looking for.  I don’t have particulars per say because you could be smart, funny, handsome, over 5’10” and still not be attracted to each other.  I believe chemistry plays a big part.

This morning he told me he’s looking for someone “sweet but also a naughty side when the time is right”.  In the words of the Church Lady, “well isn’t that special”.

church lady

Isn’t dating finding out what people like/dislike?  Way to be too open before I meet you face-to-face because I’m totally thinking you’re into freaky sh*t and this is my warning.

Let’s say the tables were turned and I said that on my profile.  For example, I say I want “a gentleman on the street but a freak in the bed”.  Hmmm, is your first thought, “sounds like a fun one night stand” or “I can’t wait to take this girl to meet my mom”.  Probably the first thought.

I’ve heard of people meeting online but where are all the good ones?  So far no bueno.

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