Last week I was sucked into Cyber Monday and played the “one for you” and “one for me” game.  My “one for me’s” were delivered last night.  As I tried on each piece to make sure it fit, it dawned on me that my closet is full and more importantly I am out of hangers!  This can only mean one thing, I must purge the closet.

Up to this point it never occurred to me that I should get rid of clothes that no longer fit me.  In dire need of some hangers I decided to start my mission.  I took out some items I knew were too big and some I was unsure of the style altogether, put them in bags and lined them up by the door for donating.

Then the fear set in.  What if I gain the weight back and I don’t fit in my current clothes?  What if I need them?  But, what if I don’t?

Then I remember I had just tried on clothes that are two sizes smaller!  This feels way better than THAT felt!  My largest size I wore was a 2X.  I used to shop at what I lovingly called “Lazy Bitches” (Lane Bryant).  Now I wear a size XL and sometimes could probably get into a large.

I’ve accomplished three goals here:  1) purging the old clothes to make room for new and smaller ones, 2) reminded myself to stop the negative talk, 3) donating clothes to those in need.

Mission accomplished!

*that pic is not my closet

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