It’s the holidays and along with it comes outings with friends, family gatherings, shopping and decorating which leaves little time for working out.  Then there’s the food.  Food seems to be everywhere: cookies, cakes, cupcakes, sandwiches and candy. Or, in other words, The Elf’s major food groups.

The cold weather isn’t helping much either.  My body wants to keep warm and craves warm meals.  I don’t want salads, fruit or raw veggies.

I am so guilty of all of the above and as a result have gained 5 lbs.  What can I say?  I love going out, being social, having cocktails and cookies.

Now that I recognize my habits it’s time to fix it.  I’m not beating myself up over the 5 lbs. because it’s bound to happen at some point but I can’t keep going down this path.  It’s not going to lose itself!  So, here’s the plan…

Make It Count

I try to get to the gym when I can and not force myself.  If I don’t want to go, I don’t go.  If it becomes a chore I will give up.  While I’m at the gym I make sure I work out every part of my body equally.  This way I will get a total body workout within the time I am there.

Watch What You Put In Your Mouth

Yes, I’ve had more drinks lately than normal.  Yes, I had a Magnolia cupcake when I was in the city last week.  Yes, I made cookies and ate them.  If you can have smaller bites and eat well in between you’ll be ok.  I need to remind myself of this.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Gaining a few pounds is going to happen.  Don’t punish yourself but make sure you get back on track otherwise it’ll get worse and you’ll then hate yourself.  Avoid hating yourself…you’re too good for that.

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