It’s been atleast two weeks since I’ve blogged and my poor excuse has been because I feel like a failure. All the holiday goodies and birthday treats have certainly caught up with me. I’ve even discovered Smashburger near my office which is not good. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing, but not healthy.

So here I am sitting in my chair with my jeans feeling a bit snug with a plan in my mind to get back on track tomorrow. I’ll be up earlier than usual to get my chunky butt to the gym, eat healthier, and hopefully feel good mentally. It’s amazing how quickly the “voices” come back when you fall off the wagon. “I shouldn’t be eating this but I will.” “I should really go to the gym.” Torture!

Even though I don’t feel great about myself for letting go, I do know that I can start over. Tomorrow is a new day…

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