I feel as though people or experiences are brought into your life for a reason.  They teach us something about others and ourselves.  Sometimes learning about others makes us feel not so alone in the world.

When I started Zone 360 at Ultimate Fit Zone I was shy, unsure of what I was getting into but knew I wanted to do something for myself.  Through that experience I gained new friends and made connections with people going through the same thing.

I met Lauryn who is my age and struggles with weight and eating.  We met through class and pushed each other to go further.  Eventually we started talking via Facebook complaining about our sugar cravings and how burpees are evil.

Tonight I let her know I’m happy to have met her.  I think it’s important to show gratitude towards people who are part of your life in a positive way.  I think we forget to appreciate those around us who are good for the soul because we focus too much on the negative.

I also think it’s good for us to show gratitude to ourselves.  Thank yourself for choosing to do good things for your mind and body.  Not many people have the luxury to make healthy choices so be thankful.




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