Long Island Medium

Last weekend my friend Dawn and I went to see Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, at The Beacon Theater in New York City.  Having bought the tickets on a whim a couple of months back I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I wasn’t an avid watcher of her TV show on TLC but I did hear that her live show was a good experience.  Getting closer to the date there were rumblings going around that she was a fraud.

The Beacon Theater is a pretty beautiful place with a lot of history.  My only experiences thus far was Allman Brother shows and if you’ve been you know what that’s like 🙂 But I digress…the theater was a great backdrop to this show in particular because it is eerily beautiful.

I consider myself fairly a sensitive person and the energy in the room made me a little teary-eyed from the start.  Every single one of the attendees was there with hope to get a message from a loved one who had passed on just like me.  Teresa came out and a gorgeous outfit with her big blonde hair and sparkley Loubiton’s.  She is a funny ball of energy who enjoyed poking fun at the naysayers on the internet.

She began by describing what she does and set the expectations of the audience.  For example, she is only drawn to people by their loved ones who come through.  She does not have control over what side of the room she is drawn to so don’t get upset if she spends more time in the orchestra or on the right side and she will come to you.

One of the first people she went to was an older man who had lost his father.  Shocking!  It’s so rare that an older man has lost his father! But what is most interesting are details that aren’t readily available.  For example, she asked him if he recently sold a house to which he said he was in the middle of doing.  She told him not to have regrets with this sale and to move forward with his plan.  The man was visibly choked up because he felt his father was there watching over him.  This triggered about everyone in the audience to shed a tear.

During our time with Theresa she flitted throughout the theater going from place to place as the passed ones would tap her shoulder and direct her where to go. Eventually she made her way up to my area to a couple in their 30’s.  She was drawn to them because she felt as though someone had drowned.

The man that she was drawn to had lost his brother in a lake.  He was there at the time and had lived with a lot of guilt to which she told him there was nothing he could have done and his brother said he is ok and to move forward without letting this tragedy hold him back.  Before Theresa left to move to the next person she asked something about shorts.  His wife said, I actually had a conversation with my husband while getting ready to come here and told him how much I hate shorts and decided not to wear them.  Per Teresa, it’s these conversations and experiences we have in life that our loved ones are still a part of despite them not physically being with us.  It is their spirit that lives on.

The whole time Theresa was in my section delivering this message, I kept repeating my brother’s name, Sean, over and over again in my mind hoping that he would come through.  Unfortunately, that did not happen to me.

I am still on the fence about her “gift” because I will never know if she has spotters in the audience or if what she does is real.  I will only believe if she says something to me because I will be the only one who knows what conversations and experiences I have had with my brother.  While I did leave somewhat disappointed I left with hope that he is with me and my family everyday through the new memories and the memories we share of him with each other.

If you have missed my blog about the death of my brother, you can catch up here:  http://wp.me/p3imNB-1m  Please be kind and consider donating to a reputable organization to prevent/educate our communities about suicide.


2 thoughts on “Long Island Medium: My Experience

  1. I am sorry about your brother and have faith that he is with you. Caputo is a money vampire and she preys on those who have grieved for a lost loved one (s). Did you notice her staff (or an official looking person lol) lurking about the audience or waiting area?

  2. I too am sorry for the loss of your brother. And I kept reading hoping you would be one she ‘read’ for…..I really hope someday to come across someone who has had an experience with her!

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