There have been countless moments in my life where I had the “insert foot in mouth” moments and today’s was probably the best of the best!

I was telling a co-worker about Marnie the Dog seen below.  If you aren’t familiar, she is a shih-tzu that has a muscle problem in her neck which results in a cocked neck and tongue hanging 24/7.  Instagram her: @marniethedog

marnie the dog


And the conversation continues:

Co-worker:  There was a girl I played basketball with who had that problem.  Her neck was always cocked to the side.

Me:  Maybe she was a conjoined twin.  Did she have a nubbin on her other shoulder where a head used to be (ie American Horror Story)

Co-worker:  No but my mom was a conjoined twin.  Her sister passed away during the surgery to separate them as babies.

Luckily my co-worker didn’t take any offense to it however, conjoined twins are super rare and what are the chances of me making a joke!!!!!!!!  What are you most memorable foot in mouth moments?

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