change of scenery

I have a friend at work who I confide in about my work and life challenges.  Every few weeks she tells me that I need a change of scenery.  It seems like a simple suggestion but then my brain goes into overdrive…

A change of scenery could mean two things: changing jobs or moving away.  The moving away part seems to cross my mind more often lately but that’s a major change that I don’t know I’m willing to make.  I have my family and friends in the tri-state area that I couldn’t live without.

Sure, I make friends everywhere I go, but moving states away?  Is a big move like that worth leaving those important people behind?  The thought of that brings on anxiety and fear but could it be worth it in the long run?

I need to hear from people who have made big changes like this.  Was it worth it?  Were you so terrified of that change but laughed at it later on?  Was it a huge mistake?  I need your help because this girl needs a change!


One thought on “Change of Scenery

  1. I don’t know if this counts but deciding to stay in Shippensburg and not come after college was a scary decision for me. I scrapped by living on my own while substitute teaching and working part time at the mall. It was the best decision I ever made. I ended up meeting Duane and the friends I have here are like family to me. I absolutely love my family but for me not living around them was the best thing for me. You don’t need to be close by them to still be close. I say go for it now while there is nothing tying you down (husband, kids etc). You can always move back!

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