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Brian and I were practically inseparable from the start.  Having known each other before and understanding each other made it easy to be friends.  I showed him all the new things at the Jersey Shore since he moved away in ’97 and he told me about his time in the military in Alaska and eventually moving to the San Diego area.

Last September, he attended the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Walk for the first time with my family and friends.  It was a huge turnout but to have him there made it so much more special.  I was told the next day that he was chatting up my parents and saying how proud he was of me for keeping Sean’s memory alive by trying to help others.  Which followed up with, “I think he likes you”.

I like to think I’m a smart girl but I was clueless!  For years I had said, “I wish I could meet someone who isn’t a stranger”.  Somehow I was given this gift after years of feeling lonely and having given up on finding my person.

We were happy.  Our families were happy.  It was easy.  I will never forget the feeling of pride when I called my Grandmother one Friday night to tell her all about Brian and that we were together.  She remembered him very well and her happiness thrilled me to no end.  The next morning, she fell and broke her hip.

To be continued…


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