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Last October my Grandmother fell at home and broke her hip.  I got the phone call and flew to the ER.  I sat with her, held her hand and all I felt was dread.  A week short of turning 97, she had to have hip surgery.  Going under anesthesia is not good for an elder person; there was a chance she wouldn’t come out of it.

But, my strong Grandmother came out of a successful surgery. I often visited her and Brian would come with me.  Soon after she was released from the hospital into a rehab facility.  My most memorable moment with her was giving her a manicure so she was ready for Thanksgiving.

We were so happy to have her for Thanksgiving even if for a couple hours.  She hadn’t been doing well.  She ate very little.  I had a feeling in my gut that this would be her last holiday with us.

Brian and I were getting more serious.  I was working and spending time with him in between and we had just spent Thanksgiving between both of our families.  The Monday after Thanksgiving I went to pick him up at work and brought Reilly with me as a surprise.

As I got closer to his work, I was smiling because I knew he would be happy to see Reilly. We came up over the hill and saw ambulance lights flashing where he worked.  I drove slowly closer to the parking lot and I squinted to see who was being taken away.  I stopped next to the ambulance and a co-worker came up to my car and asked, “are you Brian’s girlfriend?”

To be continued…

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