Manasquan Inlet – March 2018

Needless to say, Brian and I had gotten back together.  I felt like I would never forgive myself for giving up on us too quickly.  I was also at a point where I felt like I needed to do something different with my life.  I had always lived in NJ (minus my college years) and I had two choices: move away from my family to be with Brian in California or stay in NJ with my family and nothing changes.

While walking along the Manasquan Inlet I told Brian, “I’m in!”  It was the right time and I didn’t feel scared about going to California – not one second.  We were so happy to know we had each other in life.  We consider ourselves a team and he had shown me that time and again.

What was scary?  Telling my family.  I am fairly certain they didn’t believe I would actually follow through.  You see, I’ve always had pretty bad homesickness.  As a kid I was often invited to friend’s sleepovers.  I would also call my parents at night when most of the girls were sleeping and ask my parents to pick me up.  They always did.

I felt like this would be the biggest challenge of my life.  I made a decision to go way out of my comfort zone to take a chance on a relationship.  A relationship that was still very new.  If there was any gesture that would secure how committed we were to each other, this was certainly it!

By the first week of May, we were off to visit CA so I could get acclimated with the area.  We drove around a lot to determine where we would live.  I immediately fell in love with what’s called North County (the northern part of San Diego county) and I knew I wanted to be near the beach.

Along the North County tour, I found my favorite place, the Oceanside Pier. It’s a long wooden pier that extends nearly 2,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean.  Locals are often fishing off the pier or watching surfers ride their next wave.  I could see names carved into the wooden railings along the pier of people who had donated money for the pier’s restoration project in the late 1980’s.

As Brian and I were walking on the pier, I got this strange feeling that this place would be my home.  In that moment, I went to grab Brian’s arm to exclaim that I was totally committed to this move but something caught my eye.  The words escaped my mouth and all I could do was point to the wood as my jaw dropped to the floor…

Oceanside Pier



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