Welp Ladies and Gentlemen, after years of writing about crazy dating experiences, someone very special has locked it down! Through my blogs, you have all come to know Brian in some way. Brian is extremely special to me: he has shown me more and more how much he loves me and how strong of a team we are.

I’ve learned that it’s not about grandiose gestures but someone I can trust, someone I can rely on, someone who sincerely cares about my happiness and who cares about my family and friends. After the engagement when we were alone, he said, “It just makes me so happy to see you happy”. Is there anything better than that?

Brian concocted the most perfect plan for the engagement. First, we had dinner at 333 for my birthday. 333 is a fancy steak and seafood restaurant across from the Oceanside Pier. Everything was perfect: the service, the food, the drinks(!), and especially the company. After dinner, Brian asked to go for a walk on the pier. This is not unusual since this is a special place for us. If you’re a long time reader, you may recall my initial visit to CA before the big move. We walked on the pier and I got this feeling like it was home and as I went to tell Brian, “I’m in”, I see my name on the wooden board. And that is where it all happened!

As we walked down the pier, I saw these little tissue paper shaped hearts in pink and red. He pointed them out to me and I thought, that’s cute and is this happening!? We continue to walk and we stop in front of my name and he starts talking about our first time visiting that very spot and how far we’ve come since then. (Or something like that, I can’t remember every detail!) He then dropped down to his knee (my first thought, will he be able to get up? haha) and then he asked me TO BE HIS WIFE! That question right there was the best moment.

He opened the ring box but I couldn’t see it because it was dark and frankly, I was more concerned about just hugging him and saying YES! I just started giggling uncontrollably and crying. At that point he stood up and shows me the ring. My jaw literally dropped to the bottom of the ocean. It’s the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. It’s a light pink morganite surrounded by diamonds and exactly what I had in mind. I’m not a diamond girl and I prefer something unique and special to us.

Then, out of nowhere, I see our friend Hayley videoing it all. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that video. If not for Hayley, I wouldn’t have something to share with our families that are so far away or be able to relive that moment forever. I won’t be sharing this video here or on social media because it’s something so special to us, but I will say that there were some people who walked by and asked, “did she say yes”? In that moment, he asked me again and then he yelled back, “she said yes”! He was so proud and his happiness made me happy.

After everyone calmed down a bit I Facetimed my parents, then my brother and his wife and continued to call and/or text family and close friends. It’s hard to get in touch with the East Coasters at night so I did have to text some to even see if they were awake.

After we got home, I sat down and said, “now what”? I honestly don’t know what to do next! There is no wedding date, there is no plan, but we are enjoying each other in the moment. I can confidently say that I’ve never felt more content and sure of any relationship than I do now.

Kelly Ann, my roommate from college, said to me, “there is a lid to everyone’s Tupperware”. I am so very lucky to have found my lid.

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