Everyone has their own addictions: alcohol, sex, pot, cigarettes, coffee or even The Bachelor.  We have our moments of trying to kick the habit but then going back and having an inner struggling with hating yourself for giving in.

I came across an article on today about “Morning Joe’s” Mika Brzezinski and her obsession with food.  I thought, Wow!  Here is a woman in the public eye who looks healthy but has struggled with her obsession her entire life!  I am not much different.

While I don’t have addictions to any of the listed above, I think I do have an unhealthy relationship with food.  I have snuck food before without people seeing, I have been through every drive-thru in the tri-state area and I crave every waft of fresh baked bread or cake in Wegmans.  Late at night when I’m watching TV a commercial for Burger King comes on and even though I was not hungry two seconds ago, suddenly I want a Whopper with fries.  Damn you advertising!

Part of my re-commitment this week was 2-fold; I need to stay focused on getting in the work outs and I need to promise myself to recognize bad habits and make better choices.

hot dog

I am an emotional eater.  I eat when I’m happy, sad or just bored.  Family celebrations were always about food.  As a kid I would have dance recitals and afterward we would go to Schneiders in Avon for ice cream.  Someone should have handed me a chicken breast.

As hard as it is to avoid these cravings I now think about how I’m going to feel afterward: I am probably going be disappointed in myself, feel tired and sluggish.  Why do that to myself when I know healthy foods have more benefits to outweigh the bad stuff.

Staying focused on the work outs, eating healthy and steering clear of pitfalls is my #1 priority.

Workouts: 3 so far this week

Weight: still down 10 lbs.

*the photo above was years ago.

2 thoughts on “My Addiction(s)

  1. You are doing a great job!! I’m cheering for you and sending positive energy/thoughts your way. ❤

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