It’s finally Friday, the beginning of a long weekend or what I like to call “more time to workout” weekend…and drink martinis….and eat…..and drink martinis.

Today is off to a decent start already.  Jay Z and JT released the Holy Grail video, my US Magazine will be hot off the press and in my mailbox when I get home for beach reading and I stopped at Starbucks for their deelish turkey bacon and egg white breakfast sammy.

I’m trying to step up my game with working out by adding burpees into my runs, replacing atleast 1-2 meals with protein shakes and no carbs at night.  Last night I made a chicken burger for my salad with a hard boiled egg and ½ of a sweet potato.  Kicking carbs is tough but eating the healthy kind isn’t terrible, right!?! Let’s be real, I was hungry after I ate and the rest of the night until I got to Starbucks.

Something kinda of awesome happened last night too.  After my burpee run I realized my workout pants are finally too big.  The crotch was practically down to my knees which is a good thing.  But in respect for the pants and what we’ve been through together, let’s have a moment of silence….

 moment of silence


Back to business…I’ve been asking by some friends where I get my workout clothes.  Truthfully, I order from Old Navy’s Active line because it’s inexpensive and most of the stuff is cute.  This week I ordered another pair of pants and jacket with hand covers for the cooler weather.


I probably won’t be blogging this weekend so have a good one!

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