We are well into September and the air is cool, the sunrise is later and the sunset is earlier.  The lack of sunlit hours in the day is making it hard to stay motivated.  Part of why I loved running was getting up just before the sunrise so I could see the beauty that many people miss.  Now it’s chilly, dark and the sun doesn’t come up until I would get home from my run.  Womp Womp!

With the changing of the seasons I needed to adjust my strategy.  Running in the middle of the day is ideal but that doesn’t work during the week.  Some days I wouldn’t mind having an unconventional job that allowed me to run during the day but alas my iPhone, nice car and rent doesn’t allow for me to be carefree.

I did discover something interesting this past week while running the 9/11 Memorial Run in Belmar. Since we were to run in silence I left my ear buds at home to pay respect to those who lost their lives.  By doing so, I learned that listening to my own feet pound on the street and the sound of my breath helps me to focus on what I am doing.  I gave it another shot this weekend and boom!  I had a personal record!

I also did not use the C25K app and just ran.  I set visual goals for myself.  For example, I start out on Brown Avenue in Spring Lake and my goal was to run straight through the Spring Lake Bath & Tennis Club.  Done!  I did a little walk to catch my breath and allowed my body to rest then ran back.  It felt amazing to listen to the sounds around me instead of Pitbull or Pink.

I received a quote today from Dawn that reminds me that even though I’m haven’t run 5 miles, 10 miles, a half marathon or a full that I am a runner:

I often hear someone say I’m not a real running.  We are all runners, some just run faster than others.  I never met a fake runner – Bart Yasso

6 thoughts on “I Am A Runner

  1. I too am a runner.. who takes breaks and sometimes walks esp if I forget my breathing and all of a sudden I’m out of breath.. I have also heard the dreaded line – ” you’re not really running” well screw that.. Every time I go out there and run or walk for that matter, I’m moving a hell of a lot faster than those who’s asses are sitting on their couches.. Keep up the good work Liz and thank you for being my motivation!


  2. This is one of my favorite motivational thoughts. I run. I am a runner. Yes. I finished C25k over the summer, and am at a week of not running right now, but I know I will get back to it now. Because I am a runner.

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