dating sucks

I feel like a kid learning to swim by taking a chance and giving up when it doesn’t work out.  Recently, I took a dip in the dating pool again.

I met this super nice and cute guy via Tinder.  Tinder is an app that syncs with your Facebook profile and per recent reports it’s just for hook ups but that’s not what I’m looking for.

At any rate, he was Irish and a chef.  Could it get any more perfect for me?!

We spoke for hours on the phone and I felt I may have had a connection.  We set a date and admittedly this was the first date I was ever really nervous for.  What if there’s no connection after talking?  What if I’m not his type or vice versa?  So many what if’s entered my mind.  Luckily, I felt an instant attraction and the date couldn’t have been any better.

The signs were all there that he was into me as well.   As the days went on the communication was less and less.  I tried to get him to schedule another date but that fell flat.  In the end I wished him well because I assumed we weren’t a match.  It was a bummer for me because I thought he was nicer than many guys I’ve dated but maybe him living an hour away was the deal breaker!?

I’ve come to learn that guys tend to lead women on because they aren’t up front on what they want or don’t want.  Instead of telling me nice things, just tell me you’re not interested.  I’m not a games kinda gal.

Bummed and still single….

One thought on “Dating Sucks: Take 2

  1. So, how’s Tinder going for you? seems like you might’ve met a nice guy at first. Maybe they’re scared.. yeah, I’m with you swimming around in the dating pool. Hmmm… don’t know next option. I’m just gonna chill out in the pool and wait…. yeah.. wait. can’t wait forever! 🙂 Good luck! You’re not alone. Just do you right now cause you’re killing it!

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