I know I write about how great runs are and the tools for motivation but I’m honestly feeling unmotivated lately.

I keep the above pic at my desk at work and look at it everyday.  It’s not working.  I think I’ve come up with every excuse to not workout:

I don’t want to sweat and get my hair dirty because that means I’ll have to do it again.

I’m too tired. 

It’s getting dark out early.

It’s dark out before work.

I feel guilty leaving my dog again after a full day at work.

The “noise” is back!  Grrrr

2 thoughts on “Unmotivated

  1. I totally hear you – minus the hair part… god bless curly hair.. it’s extremely forgiving 🙂

    How about taking Ry on an extra walk so you don’t leave him alone? Or maybe it’s a good chance to get some workout DVDs? You don’t have to leave home for them, so the darkness isn’t as much of a factor.. and Ry would be an excellent strength-training aide 😉

    1. I took him to the beach yesterday and we ran around but that doesn’t cut it. I’ll get back on it. Another 5k this weekend. Hoping I don’t die.

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