Let me first say that I am not a seasoned dater.  Dating is fun, but the process seems so difficult and daunting.  You start talking to someone online and then you text and then call and then an actual date.  Right now I am in the infancy stages of talking to someone via text.  Not my ideal way of communicating but it is what it is.

So far the guy has been very nice and he’s good looking.  He’s a professional and we seem to like the same things.  Perfect!  Well….things just got weird.  Out of the blue he texted me something very sexual.  This was completely out the blue which resulted in this look all the way home from work….



I did not say anything that would lead him to that comment!  Now I am totally disappointed because I’m not looking for a hook up and why on Earth would you say that?  Obviously we have different goals in mind.

This leads me to dating etiquette.  What are the right and wrong things to say and do?  Is it so hard to court someone the traditional way these days?  I just want to give up.  Help!

3 thoughts on “Dating Etiquette

  1. Inquiring minds want to know what he said….Did you text him back? Did you ask why he thought it was okay to say it?

  2. Hey, Lizzy, I feel ya’, girl! I have often reflected on how social media has made people socially retarded IRL. This is to the extent that I am actually surprised–and give guys extra points–when a man approaches me in public! But, as you said, it is what it is. I don’t think we can stop the Dating Tsunami that is online dating. It’s just the norm these days.
    I do have plenty of tips from both the woman’s and man’s perspective. (I may bash the guys, but then I give them their say–can’t say I’m not fair!)
    Please stop by and visit. I can almost promise you some laughs!
    Happy hunting,

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