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I’m into my second week of Zone 360 and my diet.  I have felt so many benefits already and wanted to share if you’re looking for some motivation.

  1. Clarity – Before I started this there was so much “noise” from myself and outside people.  In an unconscious way I seemed to cling to negativity because I felt bad about myself.  But I also had inside noise because I was always thinking about what I should be doing like going to the gym or eating better.  I am so busy with the workouts and planning my meals that I have no time for the bullsh*t but also feel very positive and want to help others become better.  
  2. Strength – I was already a strong person but I feel even strong now.  I am stronger to make better decisions for myself and to push me to kick butt in class.
  3. Confidence – Lack of confidence has always been a bit part of me because I never felt good about myself.  I felt like everyone around me had their sh*t together and somehow I was missing the boat.  I feel more confident already because I’ve accomplished so much in a week and a half.  I know I can push myself outside of my comfort zone and succeed.  I also think my blog followers have given me confidence to persevere.  Through the many comments and text messages I found that I have more in common with people than I knew because they face the same challenges.
  4. Clearer Skin – I have been blessed with good skin my whole life.  I never went through zit breakouts like I know so many people do.  The other day I was washing my face and noticed that it was so much smoother.  I’m sure I’ve been sweating out a lot of toxins like my friends cosmo and pinot noir!

I also want to start to share my weekly goals with you to hold myself accountable.

This week’s goal:  Sticking to the workouts and making it through without stopping.  Continue to stick with the diet and lose 5 pounds.

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