Today, I was triumphant! I got my butt into class, thought positive, and pushed into beast mode. I can’t quite put my finger on what exercises I’m better at over others but I was so happy that I got through class pushing at 100% and only came in 4th to last.

The workout was was set up as 15 reps per station while using the medicine ball as part of the movement. Each round you complete then you drop down to 14 reps and then all the way to 1 rep. By setting this up to allow everyone go at their own pace I also pushed myself to complete within 30 minutes

I looked pretty close to this at the end of class:
red face

I haven’t been more proud of myself until today.  Yeah Liz (and thanks Baby Jesus)!

(Also big ups to Darrah and Laura for kicking butt and taking names in class!

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