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Since I’ve started my blog about my journey the focus has been on working out, motivation and food.  But what happens when those things start to come together and you open up to new things?  Enter: ONLINE DATING.

In college it was so easy to meet people because you either lived with them, went to class with them or partied with them.  Now, not so much.  In my 20’s I met guys at the bars but that’s not my scene anymore.  Sure I could meet a guy at church but who am I kidding?  I am not religious.  I could also meet them at the supermarket but I’d rather get my list done and get out of there.

At the advice of my mother I checked out online dating.  I have tried, eHarmony and Plenty of Fish before but I just wasn’t into it.  I didn’t feel confident at the time and didn’t make myself available.  This time around I’m trying OKCupid.

On TV I’ve seen commercials of couples who met online and got married. How awesome!  That could be me!  These are great looking people and boy, are they happy!  Let’s be real, that is NOT what is online.  So far I’ve come across guys who look like they should be in jail, their full-time job is being a waiter, they want to meet right now to hook up or their profile includes pictures in groups so I have no clue which is the guy!  My favorite one may have been today…A guy who posted he was married and wanted to talk to me.  I asked if he was married and he said, “yes, do you still want to talk”?  “No thanks and good luck!”

Why is it so hard for a smart, funny, kinda cute single girl to meet a man who is employed, single, funny and decent looking? Is that so much to ask?

I’ve prayed to baby Jesus in my blog before so it couldn’t hurt to call out to him again, right?

Dear Baby Jesus,

Please send me a nice, smart, funny, family-oriented guy who appreciates me for being a total goofball but also a great cook!


Single and awesome Liz 🙂


7 thoughts on “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

  1. Hey, good for you for trying online dating! I’ve always been too uncomfortable with the concept. You do sound awesome, best of luck!

  2. Too funny! Don’t give up yet! I actually know more than one couple who met and are married through online dating. So there must be normal men out there (if you think people that I am friends with could be “normal” anyway).

  3. Oh, I have had so many experiences with the online thing.. it’s crazy. Um, I’m going to flat out say what I’m looking for and what I’m not. No, do not contact me if you’re married…c’mon. If I say long term, then it’s not one night. If you do not work every day with steady hours, then you don’t have a full time job. I’m not going to support you! Yeah, working part time isn’t going to work. OMG.. the books I could write! 🙂

    1. I second Peg! I know several awesome couples who met online and are happily married! Don’t give up. I think most of them met on Match and Greg was on Match when we met so there must be some normal guys on there? It’s inevitable you’ll meet some crazies when dating, but I always say that bad dates make for good stories, at the very least!

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