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I looked beyond the co-worker as Brian was on a stretcher being put into the ambulance.  “He is going to be taken to Jersey Shore,” he said.

In that moment I went into action mode.  I had to run home with the dog to drop him off and then run back up to Neptune.  On my way, I called Brian to find out what happened.  He put me on the phone with the paramedic who explained he had a seizure and since Jersey Shore was full, he had to be taken to Monmouth Medical.  My fear was coming to life.

When Brian and I started dating he had explained to me that he has epilepsy.  We’ve all heard of epilepsy before but never in my life did I think it would be a part of my life.  While he was in the Army, he experienced his first seizure.  He can have a seizure at anytime in anyplace.  There is no warning but he instructed me on what to do if I was there when it happens.

In what seemed like forever, I finally made it up to Monmouth Medical.  I was alone and I didn’t know what I would be walking into.  I haven’t been to this hospital since I was born!  I walked in to the ER where a police officer was keeping watch.  I went to the receptionist and asked where I could find Brian and was directed beyond the doors into a very scary place.

There were people lined up and down the halls.  The only privacy between the “rooms” were curtains.  People who were not of sound mind were yelling.  Nurses were scurrying a team of newbies to a complicated birth.  I have been to the ER plenty of times but this was no Jersey Shore!

I finally found Brian in a curtain blocked “room” alone wearing scratched up glasses.  He was upset and nauseous.  He explained that he was taking a break outside at work and the last thing he remembered was texting me.  I had to grab a doctor to give him a puke pan and anti-nausea meds before I would be down for the count.

Brian seemed to go through the motions since he was used to this. I, on the other hand, was in panic mode but trying to stay calm to keep him at ease.  After a couple hours, he was released and he stayed with me so I could keep watch.

I barely slept, worried it might happen again.  I had no idea what to expect and all I could do was to remain calm for his sake despite the fear inside.

Luckily, I was working from home at the time so I was able to stay with him throughout the next day.  He mostly slept which seemed good for recovery.  After I was done with work for the day and Brian seemed more like himself, we were both ready for dinner.  I suggested my favorite sushi place, Ichiban.

We sat down at dinner, placed our orders and talked more about the night before.  Since he had little memory, I explained how things played out.  Soon after our dinners were brought out and Brian said he wasn’t feeling well and excused himself to the bathroom.

As I started to eat my sushi, the manager rushed over and said, “Your friend fell in the bathroom.”

To be continued…

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