In March 2018 Brian and I had gone for a walk at the Manasquan Inlet.  Like most locals, it was a quiet spot to go to, to think, to breathe, to let go.  Things weren’t going as planned in my world and Brian had been discussing moving back to CA.  He had suggested I go with him a few times before and I said “No! I can’t leave my family!” This day was different.  I decided to let go of my fears and go for it.

Manasquan Inlet – March 2018

I remember breaking the news to my parents initially and how nonchalant I was about it only to protect them.  I was the kid who called home from sleepovers bc I was always homesick.  But I’m a year in and I have zero regrets. 

The hard part is not popping in to see my parents when I want or grabbing drinks with my longtime friends but I’ve been able to share this beautiful place with them!  Having my family and friends visit truly warms my heart.

Today marks one year since I’ve become a California resident and I have learned a lot about myself (the good and the bad): I have made new friends, I bought a snapback hat (Google it), became a Padres fan, I carry sunscreen with me at all times, I have eaten many amazing burritos and I have seen many many beautiful sunsets.

I had posted a throwback photo on Instagram of sweet Reilly at my parents pool the day before take off captioned with, “I can’t believe it’s been a year!”  A good friend replied, “Bc you’re happy!”  Words couldn’t be more true.


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